Wednesday, February 22, 2012

30 Christ-Centered Easter Traditions & Crafts

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Christ-Centered Easter
Crafts & Activities

(Carnation Experiment)

To my friends celebrating Ash Wednesday today...Happy Ash Wednesday!

We now have 40 Days to prepare our hearts and minds for Easter...the most Holy of holidays!  I hope this list of activities, traditions, and crafts will help you and your family do just that!


  1. We've decided to try to separate the Easter Bunny from Easter (Passover) even further than just Saturday by celebrating the Easter bunny during the Spring Equinox (March 20 this year). I remember starting a study of "Easter" once by going to the topical guide in the scriptures and finding that the word Easter isn't even in the bible anywhere, except once where it really should be "Passover". I know modern prophets will use the word "Easter", but I think that is just more for convenience, and because people understand what they mean, but I want to try to use the term "Passover" with our children as it's more accurate, and I think it gives a better connection to the scriptures - because Christ is the ultimate Passover. I am excited to have a Passover dinner this year with our kids (something we are going to start doing every year) and I will use your info here!

    I am excited to try some of the other Christ-centered crafts, too, as we try to focus on the Savior during Passover and Passover week.

  2. Here's the link to the Bible Dictionary:

  3. Jocelyn, you are amazing. I am sending your link to this one to all of my children. Thanks for these links and blessings to you. Also, Happy Ash Wednesday to you!

  4. Those birdie treats are especially cute, but all of this is great.


  5. I was wondering when Easter is this year, now I see it's coming...great ideas.

  6. Someone found my blog and wanted to expose me to yours.  You have such great stuff here.  I have bookmarked your site, and I am excited to come back to find inspiration in my own parenting...especially Christian based.  Thanks so much for all you are doing!  Jodi @

  7. Thank you for of these!! We absolutely love Easter season at our house, and I feel like I can always use new ideas. I just wanted to mention, in addition to your great idea of teaching about Passover in your own home, is that it is a powerful experience to join with a local Jewish congregation as they celebrate this important feast day. We have been able to volunteer to help serve the Seder service, or some congregations have a community Pesach that you can join in for. If you live in an area where you can do that in some way, I really suggest giving it a try. Happy Easter-tide! :)

  8. Thanks for that excellent suggestion, Rebecca!  Our neighbor Edye has already invited us to join her for Passover at her house.  It will be abbreviated, because we have such little kids and the real version lasts hours! But we are definitely looking forward to experiencing Passover with her! Thank you and I'd love to hear your ideas on Easter as well!!  Share away!!!

  9. These crafts are truly amazing as these are awesome to use in kid’s parties. This year we had a party at one of local venues in Los Angeles. It was great and my kids also enjoyed a lot at the party. Everyone had a memorable time there.


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