Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easy Rider

Last year, Steve gave me Gladys.  Yesterday, I picked up this incredible treasure and gave it to Steve for Father's Day.  We like bikes around here, I guess!  The kids love it!  Steve loves it.  Guy is riding it in 95 degree heat and he doesn't even care.  What fun!

I guess we need to pick a proper name for him.

Any suggestions?


  1. I vote for Buster.


    PS. What a neat little vehicle!

  2. OK seriously jealous, That is the coolest bike! The first name that came to me was Leroy!

  3. Gus! How cool is Gus and Gladys together! Yes, I think Gus would be a great name for your totally awesome bike!

  4. Oh, wow! This loks awesome! You could call him Speed Rider ;)

  5. i nearly bought a trike like was shiny red. But when I tried to turn the corner, I nearly fell off. Needed too wide a turn for me to handle. Guess I'll never get a bike

  6. Rudy. You should name him Rudy.

  7. GUS! And I'm not surprised to see that someone else came up with the same name independently.

    Steve (not Jocelyn)


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