Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Know, Know, Know Me...

A couple of you pointed out that I didn't say what I like about myself in my FHE post earlier this week.  And Darlene said I don't share enough about myself on here, which makes me laugh because I think, hello, I'm sharing my raw feelings with you guys every day (sometimes twice a day).  Is it not enough for you people?! :)  Kidding.   Anyway, DeAnn from The SIP Project tapped me for a little Q&A session on her blog, so here are my answers for your reading pleasure.  I mean, if you have absolutely nothing better to do...

If you have any other burning questions for me, feel free to drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer them! (

1.  If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

In Central Pennsylvania where I live now, except maybe on a property with a lot more trees.  It's THE SUN that I would move and my family to be closer to me!  I'd also like to live closer to a temple.

2.  What keeps you going back to a blog time and again?

Jealousy.  I'm kidding.  Um, a unique voice and sincerity.

3.  What are your top 3 favorite places to shop?

Any place with good make-up and well-made suits.

I also love needlework stores and Amish/Mennonite stores.

And discount outlets.

That's a very weird mix, I know.

4.  What gadget are you drooling over at the moment?

No gadget, just my new BIG print scriptures.  We are slowly getting to know each other.
I like them better than reading on any device, that's for sure!

5.  What do you hate about blogging, if anything?

That I can't do it 24 hours a day.  I wish I could clone myself so I could be living my real life while simultaneously documenting my thoughts about it on my blog.  I also wish I could blog while running on the treadmill.  I fear that I'm getting "blogger's tush."

6.  What tech skill do you wish you were better at?

Website design/HTML, so I wouldn't have to bug friends to help me!

7.  What makes your heart smile?

My children.

8.  What is your dream job?

I am doing it.  Motherhood has always been my dream job, but I also wanted to be President of the United States, CEO of a major corporation, a lawyer, a teacher, a country singer, and the next big name in TV news.  All of those occupations seemed enticing to me until I experienced the love of a child.  Nothing else compares to that.

9.  What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who have pet peeves.

10.  What is the post on your blog you're most proud of?

That's a toughy...Maybe Osama, No Longa, or A Note from My 80-Year-Old Self, or The Real Lesson of September 11th or Too Beautiful to Bake or the article that I wrote about Doing My Dream Job, but definitely ALL of my Family Proclamation Lesson posts!

(I just asked my husband.  He says, "That is an impossible question.")

Basically out of 880-some posts, I absolutely love at least 860 of them.  So take your pick.  To me  each post represents an important experience that has helped shape who I am...I love them as life lessons more than as "posts".

11.  Best piece of advice for new bloggers?

Take it slow.  Be true to your inner voice.  Do it because you love it and for no other reason.


  1. Will the Philadelphia temple be close-ish to where you live?  My husband served his mission in Philly (but mostly Delaware and Maryland) so he's super excited about that!  
     That's one of my must haves for the next place we live, super close Temple.  (But not Utah ; )

  2. when your kids are all grown and you find yourself asking, 'what now', my vote is country singer! i'd buy your cd's, then i could say, ' i knew you when.....'

  3. Loved getting to hear more about you!  

  4. I love Q&A's.  The questions asked are always so fun (and your answers are also very informative). 

    Our main goal is to move closer to a temple.  3 hours is so hard.  I totally get the hoping to be closer to one.  It is tricky to get there on a regular basis when your kids are at home (and younger).  We used to live 45 min away from one and it was WONDERFUL to get there for date night even.  I miss that.

    I have noticed that I love writing on my blog, and love my posts, but as I write longer, the posts become better.  :)  My older ones would need work to "make the cut" now on my blog!  Keep blogging, I enjoy coming.  (and not even because I am jealous!)

  5. I totally wished I was a famous country singer also:)  Fun post!  thanks for sharing!

  6. ha ha...oh, you are!  :)

    I've noticed the same writing and ability to express myself has definitely improved by leaps and bounds since I first started!!!  Another blessing of many that has come from blogging!

  7. ha ha...oh, you are!  :)

    I've noticed the same writing and ability to express myself has definitely improved by leaps and bounds since I first started!!!  Another blessing of many that has come from blogging!

  8. aren't you getting a temple in pennsylvania? I love have one 10 minutes away. Blogging is taking your journal one step further by sharing and exchanging views with others. The only thing lacking is having busy family members read it! lol...

  9. Thanks for answering the questions! I already feel like I know you better ;)
    "bloggers tush" hahaha, haven't heard that one yet! I am pretty sure I am incapable of taking anything slow, I need to work on that one. Some of these questions were not very well suited to you but still good to know!If I would have just had you in mind I would have asked some different questions....op, sorry got distracted by your little globe over here, just saw Alamogordo on it hehe. Anyway, Your awesome! I really enjoy your blog!

  10. It's always fun getting to know someone you admire on a more personal level! your posts are all pretty awesome! I read them daily! Thanks for sharing!

  11. That was fun to read...will the Pittsburgh temple be closer for you? We lived in Bethlehem, PA when Parker, our oldest, was just a baby. DC was our closest temple and it was 6 hours away. Now here in Ohio we are only 2 hours from the Columbus Temple.
    Once we lived in North Dakota...there is nothing close in North Dakota. Church was 65 miles, one way. One time we counted a hundred and fourty something phesants. So time doesn't bothering me so much now...but, having a temple close by would be so amazing!
    Anyway, loved the Q &, fun! PS. I like the new colors on the blog. :) Luv, Renee

  12. This was fun, Jocelyn. Thanks for the up-closer-and-a-little-more-personal view!


  13. We are but it takes just slightly longer to get there than DC does!  Oh well!

  14. The Philly temple takes just slightly longer to get to than DC does!  Plus its downtown,pay for parking and a toll road....not complaining but DC is still easier to get to!  Strange...Oh well!

  15. You'd be a great one.  For'd take a miracle. But a girl can dream right?  Have you ever read the book "Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse"? It's a picture book...totally cute!  My mom just bought it for my girls and its fun to read at bedtime!

  16. The Philadelphia temple will not actually be closer...strangely enough!  It's just slightly a longer a toll road and we have to pay parking. DC temple is outside of the beltway of course, so it's a less complicated trip.  Philly is in the city from what I hear.  Oh well, new adventures ahead.  When I lived in Columbus, I could leave at 7:45 and make the 8pm session!!!

  17.'s the only term I could think of the describe what's going on down there! LOL  What is Alamogordo?

  18.'s the only term I could think of the describe what's going on down there! LOL  What is Alamogordo?

  19. This just reenforces my goal of being more like Jocelyn when I grow up. If I grow up.

  20. Wow! What a change! I like the new header....

  21. Loved that!!  And amen to your last comment about blogging for yourself.  I don't care if my mom is my only follower.  Doing something each day that helps me learn and grow is my goal!!

  22. Karmen Sadler DiazThursday, January 26, 2012

    I am green with envy ;) that you live near Amish/Mennonite stores.  Always fun to get to know the authors of the blogs I read loved the "Osama, No Longa" post!

  23. I agree. You HAVE to blog for yourself or you lose your voice. It was fun to see me on your blog list! Thanks for following :) You're a great lady and always inspire me to be better!

  24. Haha! Blogger's tush! Just this morning I was thinking of how much more efficient I could be if I could blog telepathically. I have so many great thoughts when I have no time or free hand to write them down...

    Thanks for sharing even more of your wonderful self with us :)

  25. Love the new look and I love your passion!

  26. Thanks, Brooklyn!  You're doing a great job!

  27. Thanks, my friend  Courtney did it...I've got to work on organizing the sidebars now...

  28. Jocelyn- I love your the new set-up on your blog.  I also loved the Q&A. 

  29. I personally love your unique voice and sincerity!  You put your words down so well and I love it!  And not I want to read all of those favorite posts you listed... and I think you would make a GREAT US president!!!!!!


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