Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let No Mouse Put Asunder

Guess who tied the knot earlier today?

That's right!  Mousie Boy and Mousie Girl.

Autumn came over to me as I was packing for our trip and said, "Mousie boy and Mousie girl are getting married."  So of course, I had to stop packing and spend time making appropriate wedding attire for our little bride and groom!

I am going to be in so  much trouble when Steve gets home.


I need to stop procrastinating and pack the car!

(Can I please have that hour back???)


  1. Your a great momma...she will never forget that you stopped to spend that time with her. I bet if you said a prayer and explained to Heavenly Father what you did, your hour would come back ten fold...you will have plenty of time to pack the car, and it will be stress free.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

  2. you did the right thing! so cute! She didn't even have to ask- did she? You just knew what to do! That's why you're awesome!

  3. How adorable, and good on you for participating with her, that's the stuff of a happy family. :)

  4. Getting that hour back wouldn't be worth losing the memories, and the mark you left on her heart!

  5. Cute! Hope you have a fun, safe trip!

  6. Stay up late and pack! That is an hour that you and your sweet daughter will remember much longer than you remember rushing and leaving a little later than planned. Picture me pinning the "Best Mommy Moment of the Day Award" right on you! Pat yourself on the back mom. Those are the moments that matter. :)

  7. what a precious moment with your little one. there's still time to pack too...happy holidays!

  8. So cute! You are the most amazing mom. Good luck packing!

  9. What a great Mommy to just stop and give to her child? The hour is better spent than feeling guilty for ignoring her.


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