Monday, November 29, 2010

Silhouette Ornaments

We were lucky to have my parents join us for Thanksgiving this year, and after our feast, we continued our long-standing tradition of ornament-making after Thanksgiving dinner.

We made some silhouette ornaments as a throwback to our special experience studying the family proclamation together in 2010.

Can you guess who is who?

I think they all turned out pretty cute, especially the one below of my Mom's dog!

To make some of your own silhouette ornament:  
Take a picture of the person from the side to get a nice outline of their profile.  Shrink it to the desired size on your computer and print.  Cut out.  Trace onto black paper.  Cut out again.  Drill one small hole into the top of wooden discs to make your ornament hang.  Decoupage scrapbook paper onto a wooden plaque.  Then decoupage your silhouette on that and finish off with another layer of glue, covering the entire image, front, and edges.  Poke a hole through the paper and insert an ornament hook.  Finish it off by gluing a matching bow/ribbon at the top.

One more tradition that was new to us this year:  Every day in November, we each wrote down what we were thankful for and saved the slips of paper in a Thanksgiving Advent calendar.  As Thanksgiving dinner was winding down, we put all of the slips of paper into a bowl and passed the bowl around reading aloud what each had said they were thankful for.  Some of the things listed were:  snuggling, care cub, church, mommy, preschool, grapes, hugs, grandparents, blankie, a nice day with the family, our fireplace, good friends, flowers, computers, and socks.

I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving!

Reminder:  I will announce the winner of the Santa's Helper Giveaway and the Nativity Set giveaway on December 1st.  There is still time to enter!


  1. I love the Thanksgiving Advent calendar idea!

  2. fun ideas for family time...on to christmas!

  3. oh my goodness... i loe that tradition of making ornaments at thanksgiving! and i LOVE the ornaments!!!!

  4. Those ornaments are great! And I love the Thanksgiving advent calendar idea, too.


  5. What a sweet ornament! Thanks for the fun idea.

  6. You did an AWESOME job with those silhouettes. I have trouble getting the right pictures for silhouettes, and yours are all great. And I love the Thanksgiving Advent! We will do that next year. :)

  7. That Thanksgiving advent calendar is the BEST! Those silhouettes remind me of my childhood

  8. I'm loving that Thanksgiving advent calendar. What a great idea and the silhouettes are so beautifully simple!

  9. I really like this post! I would love for you to come over and link up at my Strut Your Stuff Party that started tonight!

  10. I made some silhouette ornaments this year too, but I love the cute paper you used on the background! They're so colorful and exciting!


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