Monday, June 28, 2010

Up In Flames

Yesterday, as I was planning the menu for my 4th of July weekend celebrations, my beautiful yellow laptop (read: my virtual right-arm) started to fall apart!  The screen was beginning to separate from the base at the hinge.  So I passed my computer to my husband to see what he could do to fix it.  When I came back into the room, I smelled smoke.  A wire had been pinched and my trusty laptop had gone up in flames!

This is very disheartening, as you can imagine, especially since I had made considerable progress on a writing project, and now I'm not sure if I'll be able to retrieve it.  Boo...hoo.  Also, my computer was pretty much awesome and fast, and now it is nothing more than a paper-weight.

The funny thing about this all is that during church yesterday I scribbled a little note to myself that I wanted to make sure that my kids learned to value real life experiences over virtual ones, and that although technology is wonderful and useful (and totally great!), we only really have time in this life to spend on the most uplifting things.

So I just have to chuckle to myself about this, and thank God for another opportunity to teach my children these lessons by example.   Given this latest development, and the fact that we've got visitors coming, a parade to orchestrate, and a trip to Palmyra coming up in the next two weeks, I guess now is as good a time as ever to take a little blogging break. (gasp!)  "Real World", here I come! 

In the meantime, I'll be praying that I'll be able to retrieve my precious pictures and writing project from my old laptop!  And I'll be back when my new laptop arrives...(Husband, are you reading this??? :)

Have a wonderful 4th everyone!


  1. I hope you can retrieve the pictures and projects off your laptop! My harddrive crached a couple months ago, and I lost about 2 yrs worth of pictures =(

  2. Oh I am so sorry about your lap top. i hope it all gets retrieved! Happy 4th!

  3. That's too bad J! We have had computers and laptops go down on us and it's not fun. It's only then that you're like "Oh shoot! I should've been backing things up." Have I learned this lesson after loosing 3 computers this way? NOPE! Someday I will remember to back up stuff.

    Are you guys being in the pageant in Palmyra? I would love to go there sometime. We went to the Manti pageant and it was AMAZING!! The temple is just so incredible outside but even more so inside! WOW!

    Have fun with your parade! Can't wait to see pictures! Such a fun idea!

  4. Since I just went through my own computer nightmare a month ago, I"m feeling your pain. Hope you enjoy your blogging break though. Sounds like you will be very busy. Have fun, and "see" you in a couple of weeks!

  5. a reminder to all of us to backup important files and put our priorities in place...

  6. Sad! I admire your optimism.

  7. Sorry about your laptop. Have a nice break though. I'm wishing we could be there; maybe next year.

  8. absolutely you NEED/REQUIRE another. no doubt about it. but I thought this was a rather new one? no?

  9. Stupid Dell- Did you remember that I had to sue them over my laptop? They do have such fun colors though... such a bummer : /


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