Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Topless Cookie Jar

Approximately 20 minutes ago, this was a really cute, cupcake-shaped cookie jar.

I brought it out of hiding this afternoon to fill it with freshly-baked chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies.

And then my son climbed up on the counter to get some more...and somehow the lid ended up in pieces on my kitchen floor. Just like that! Bye-bye lid.

So, maybe my medication is working...or perhaps it's the six-or-so cookies that I downed prior to this happening, but I didn't even freak out. Not even a little bit!
(thank you, thank you...high-fives all around.)

I just took my little Guy in my arms and held him before his tears got too bad and told him that I cared about him much more than I did a silly breakable cookie jar...and that I didn't ever want him to break.

To which he replied, "I don't ever want you to break, either Mama."

(Now, if the cookies had gone down with the lid, then we might have a problem!) :)


  1. have you tried gluing the lid back together? cool mom handling today! congrats.

  2. I would but there were too many tiny pieces. I'm pretty sure there'd be holes!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed! Good job on not freaking out. After all, it's just a "thing".

  4. i would just go right out and buy another. It will make both of you feel better and I have an idea Guy won't climb up to get cookies again, at least not too soon, if he sees the lid back on.

  5. I'd love to have a new one, but a) walmart only carried them around Christmas and b) I fear a repeat!

  6. One of my boys broke just about every vase or jar I owned. I still have them and use them. One is a waterford crystal jar with no lid. He is 25 now, but the memories are sweet and we laugh about it. He can break his own now. So hang on to it for memories.

  7. I mourn the loss of your cookie jar lid.

    *sigh* so many things to break, so little time.

  8. Oh, you were good not to freak out! What a cute cookie jar. LOVE your C.S. Lewis quote on the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by ;)

  9. Cute cookie jar! I need to learn to not "cry over spilt milk".
    I have something for you on my blog!

  10. Nicely done. That is the exact reason I keep myself heavily medicated and on a balance cookie diet.


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