Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Believe In God...

My 3-year-old son Guy recently memorized the first Article of Faith.  Here he is reciting it in a brief video message to his cousins.  We hope to receive some messages back from them and from you, our blog friends, about what you believe.

PS - He addresses his little sister Autumn at the very end, if you are wondering what he says, but the question is posed to You!


  1. Oh Jos, I bet this is beautiful, but every time I click on your screen my computer automatically shuts off and I have to restart and restore my entire desktop. It happens every time I click on all the videos you post. Sorry....
    Guy is a cutie pie and only a child could truly say these articules of faith from the deepest tresures of their hearts.

  2. cute kid...maybe he'll be in broadcasting one day...

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  4. I love it! Go Guy! Sunbeam missionary and so cute too.

  5. That was Guy speaking from the heart...he came up with what he said on his own! And since then he has shared this statement of belief with two of our neighbors. It brought the Spirit each time. Sometimes missionary work can be easy...even a child can do it! :)


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