Monday, July 15, 2013

Read the Book of Mormon in 30 Days Bookmark

Bloggers are cool.

Missionaries are cool.

Missionaries who blog and bloggers who are missionaries are super, duper cool.

(Because I said so.)

So, tonight, I am here to introduce you to one such "Missionogger."

His name is Elder Clay Ellis, and he is currently serving in the French-speaking mission of Montreal, Canada.  Technically, he turned his blogging reigns over to his Mama when he left on his mission, but she is sharing his letters, photos, and experiences on his blog: Clay All Day. (So go check it out!)

Anyway, 30 days prior to leaving for 2 years of service, Elder Ellis challenged himself to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days.  (Sound familiar?)  He also created a nifty little bookmark to keep track of the readings for each day, and he is sharing it with anyone who would like to also take up this challenge. (You can see what the bookmark looks like below.)

To download this bookmark simply: CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD  

Please pin and share this post!  And if you know of an Elder or Sister who is currently serving who is maintaining a blog (or who will soon), please let me know.  I will be creating a directory of Missionary blogs for you to access right here on my blog.  (Check my sidebar.)  Thanks!


  1. Sweet! I have been keeping blogs for my two younger brothers. One just returned home from Paraguay, but one still has 9 months left in Australia. His URL is http://elderreeder.blogspot.com

  2. I like the 30 day challenge. I will look forward to your list of missionary blogs. We have had a slew of missionaries leaving so I will look into their blogs.

  3. Very cool! what a cool idea! Missionaries have so many amazing stories that would be great to be shared! Thanks for the post Jocelyn!

  4. I love missionary blogs. Perhaps it's because I get to maintain my own missionary blog (being a missionary mom is the best! miss her terribly but it's still the best). So I was curious to learn more about Elder Clay and open the link only to see a picture of our darling neighbor who is currently Elder Clay's companion. It made a wonderful post so much more meaningful!

    1. I guess I should have paid better attention to the post... Sorry Elder Ellis.

  5. I love the idea of organizing a list of "bloggonaries". here are a few more to add!
    http://sistersasine.blogspot.com/ - Sister Sasine
    http://hermanapetersonargentina.blogspot.com/ - Hermana Peterson
    http://sisterlindsaysharp.wordpress.com/ - Sister Sharp

  6. I'm maintaining the blog of my nephew who left in January for the Albuquerque New Mexico Mission. His mom (my sister) passed away from liver/renal failure within hours of hearing about his mission call last September. My nephew has grown so much through that trial and continues to grow. He has already been an amazing blessing to many on his mission and people are particularly touched by his faith and strength after losing his mother. His blog has almost 4,000 views and many are non-member friends from home. Here is his link: http://elderjtaylor.blogspot.com I love reading missionary blogs and I like your idea of listing them for others to read. Thanks also for your incredible and uplifting blog ... I follow all of your posts.

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  8. My two missionaries also have blogs:


  9. I couldn't open the link for the bookmark. Any recommendations?

  10. Hi Jocelyn,
    My daughter is currently serving in VA and...I'm keeping up her blog. I'd love to have you list it. http://sisteramberinvirginia.blogspot.com. There is also a great new site with hundreds of mission blogs listed if you ever want to link to it. http://preparetoserve.com/blog/lds-missionary-websites/ Thanks for all your good work!

    1. DONE! And what a great place to serve! She's got to be loving it! And thanks for directing me to that site. I'll have to do that too!


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