Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Priceless Table

It's 1/1/11, and I've already had one dream come true.  I think it's a sign of things to come.  

I spotted this vintage table and four matching chairs on the side of the road this morning while I was out for a drive.  It might not look like much to you, but some of you might remember how I said that I wanted a table like this a while back.  I was really excited to find this and get it for a sweet price.  It is unique, and I think that it has a lot of character.  It was passed down within the family that owned it previously, and originally belonged to the owner's Grandmother.

Sadly, this sweet dinette comes to me from a broken home.  As we negotiated the price, the owner, with heavy heart, relayed the details of how his marriage of 21 years recently fell apart, and that he had to sell the table, because he was moving out of his home.  I felt my heart sink deeper within my chest with each detail that he shared.  

I thought back to last January and the 30 days that we spent with our children teaching them the eternal truths found in The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  I thought about how blessed we have been as a family in the last year as we have studied the beautiful truths of the gospel together, memorized this document, and laid it as the foundation for our family while our children are young.

I'm not going to lie.  I was on a drive this morning, because I was irritated with my husband, and needed to take a little breather.  My husband and I pretty much never fight...ever.  I'd categorize this more as having a miscommunication over "artistic differences".  But in every marriage some contention has the potential to rear its ugly head on occasion.  That is, unless you are my mom and dad. (We know, you guys never argue!)  

But for everyone else:  Look at that table.  Is it not beautiful?  Did it not play host to countless family dinners, card games, and memorable discussions between parents and children?  And yet here it sits....on the curb...a wonderful piece with priceless sentimental value going for a liquidation price.  

Now please take a moment to consider your own I am now thinking about mine.  Are they not beautiful, unique, full of character, and even more valuable...even more priceless than this collection of metal and vinyl?  

In 2011, I hope that each of us will take every precaution to strengthen and care for our family relationships, so that, like this table, we do not find ourselves out in the cold on the side of the road some day being sold for pennies, when instead our families might have been our greatest treasure in this life and the next.  

This is and probably always will be where I will put my primary efforts in the New Year.

(That...and getting more sleep.)


  1. goodluck finding more chairs to match!

  2. Thanks need, it came with four matching chairs!

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  4. Jocelyn...what a great find. You know I was always looking around for your dream dinnet set in rummage sales & flea markets...but you surely got the prize with this one. That is gorgeous. Now from the picture it looks like a little kid's table & chair. Is it an adult size one?

  5. It's called being human and honest to have differences. The important thing is to work them out. Sometimes a walk, or writing can give you time or inspiration to come back with new energy to fix what is broken-the communication which is so important to a relationship. Lovely parable of the vintage table and chairs. Glad you found them and answers to your prayers...

  6. Love, love, love that table! So great. Glad you are human and argue with your husband on occasion. I have been reading a great book called "These is My Words." It's about a pioneer woman and my favorite quote of hers about marriage is "Taking up marriage is a good excuse to take up cursing, I think."

  7. We have been arguing the last couple of days. That's always a sign that it is time for vacation to be over. We need a break from each other :)

    Love your table!

  8. See, THIS is why I check your blog every day. I just clicked here to take a look at your Family Proclamation posts because I want this to be our family's focus for this year. You have inspired me to spend more time with my family looking at this precious document and digging deeper into it's meaning and significance. Now, just as I begin this new "family project" here you are with even more inspiration and a reaffirmation to me that this is just what my family needs this year. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful thoughts. Hope your family makes many precious memories of their own around that new dining set of yours. :)

  9. You are so right!! And if that table means that much, how much more time and attention should we each take with our own families to keep them together. We live in a very throw away world, and if we are not careful, the most priceless things also get thrown away. Great post today. Thank you for reminding me how wonderful my life is.

  10. Beautiful post. And I love the table ;)


  11. Love the table. You need to post a pic of it all set up in your house. I love finding cool and different things, though I am not good at finding good deals on the side of the road! lucky you!

  12. What a great find. I love that it has so much history, and is going to create more with your family. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life. I love the direction and guidance the church leaders give us.

  13. Inspirational and uplifting, Jocelyn.



  14. 1) that table is fantastic.
    2) what a wonderful message or relationship and familial focus. you are awesome!

  15. This is just beautiful! I'm thankful that Heavenly Father blessed you with such beautiful talent for writing and bearing your soul! Thanks so much for developing and sharing it. This is something I pray to do, and I really appreciate your amazing example!



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